Dreams & Building On Damaged Foundations

How often do we read the word of God and think that the things He did in the Bible couldn’t possibly happen now? And that the gifts He gave people couldn’t possibly be gifts we would receive now?

For years I read the story of Joseph with this mind set. This story is found in Genesis, the very first book of the Bible. Joseph has a very dysfunctional family situation; one dad with four wives. (We may think this also doesn’t happen now, but just go and watch a bit of TLC and your eyes will be opened.)

So Joseph was probably pretty messed up.

I don’t think we always know how much our childhood affects us. Especially if we think we had an okay childhood (from the world’s perspective).

God has really been challenging me with this lately; to look back on my past and see for real how it’s affecting me still to this day.

I never wanted to be that kid with a dysfunctional family, but I was.

I grew up with just one other sister. She was ‘the troublemaker’ and my parents were so caught up in their own marriage and with her that they didn’t seem to have time for me.

This neglect caused me to have friend issues and jump from friend group to friend group. It caused me to have a lack of self confidence and of purpose. It caused me to be afraid to get too close to others because of my lack of trust.

So I had to cope somehow right?

Drinking helped me have confidence. Getting high helped relieve my anxiety. Boys seemed to fill the void for a little while. But it got to the point where no friends were good enough friends and no boy was perfect enough to fill the void inside.

So the Lord met me right where I was at.

I thought I would have to pick myself up off the floor and fix myself before God would look me in eye or even be in my presence. But that was not the case. All I had to do was turn to Him and He picked me up instead. I just had to fall on my knees, give up and give in.

I never wanted to be that kid with a dysfunctional family, but I was.

I know I said that already but I just wanted to remind you that no one is perfect. No matter how incredible our highlight real called Instagram looks to the outside eye.

So like myself, Joseph was pretty messed up.

(I also said this before but I wanted to remind you that the people in the Bible are also just people.)

But God chose Joseph to save a nation. God chose to still build on Joseph’s damaged foundation. 

Joseph was given a gift. The gift to dream dreams with incredible meaning and to also interpret other people’s dreams to reveal what God was speaking to them.

Like I said before I always read this story with the mindset that this doesn’t happen to people nowadays. Only back then could God have given someone this gift.

But I have been proven oh so wrong.

I dreamt a lot as a small child. Not always good things, often nightmares actually. Until I started to pray before bed and quit filling my head with horrors from movies and books. The nightmares somehow ‘magically’ went away and I started to dream other things – things with more significance.

Only recently has someone encouraged me to start writing these dreams down and praying into them to see what God is trying to say. They told me that God seems to speak through dreams very literally and also very figuratively.

Maybe God’s given me this gift because He can finally get me to shut up only when I’m sleeping.

And now I beg Him to speak to me through my dreams. I get so excited to go to sleep and hear from the Lord. Cause what a cool God we serve.

But I was only able to realize this after I first desired the giver of the gifts above the gift itself. 

And I know I need to continue to do this. Otherwise this gift has no purpose.

We don’t deserve these precious gifts from the God of the universe. But yet He still gives them to us; to further His kingdom and spread His love.

So let Him speak to you. Let Him love you. Let Him give you good gifts. Cause we serve a good God.

And let Him build on your damaged foundation. 

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