Wedding Day

I can’t even believe how perfectly the day came together, not because the day went perfectly but because our perfect Heavenly Father was so very present.

Leading up to the day, there was many different kind of days and weeks. There were days that were stressful and days where my lists felt never-ending. There were days that I cried and days that I couldn’t believe I had chosen to do some of the things that I had chosen.

But there were also days where people came over and helped me bake cakes or helped me paint jars. And days where I could just step back and look at how things were coming together even if it didn’t feel like it was. And there were days where Sam (my fiancé) gave me flowers and I was reminded of why we were doing all this work – because after it all, we’d be married.

One day before the wedding, my boss (also our premarital counsellor – you might think that’s weird but it’s quite the awesome relationship I have with him) said to me, “I know that you two are looking past the wedding day already and into married life, so make the wedding day about everyone else who is going to be there.”

We knew we wanted to make the day all about Jesus but I hadn’t thought about making the day about everyone who was going to be there. I know you can’t please everyone but this idea helped me to keep my focus eternal and remember that this life is about loving God and loving people.

So that’s what we continually prayed for for the day – that people would come and they would feel loved by us and by God.

People kept saying to me that the day would come fast and then all of a sudden it’d pass in a blur and it’d all be over.

But when the day finally arrived, it felt like it came in just the right time.

And I remember every moment of it.

It was for sure one of the best days of my life. In the midst of it, I couldn’t believe it was actually happening.

God gave us so much focus on Him that day and so much focus on others that when people continually served us all day long, we just felt overwhelmingly blessed.

I just felt so undeserving of the service and love of everyone who was there and everyone who helped the day come together.

I was continually reminded throughout this whole season and especially on the day of the wedding, of how incredible and deep is the love of the Father.

My parents did so much on the day and for the day. My dad continued to say to me “I will do anything for you my dear – and then some.”

And over and over again I heard, “And how much MORE will our heavenly Father do for us.” 

I can’t even fathom.

I was so incredibly happy to have so many people that we love together in one place. And as we looked out into the crowd at our ceremony, I felt so, so blessed.

The ceremony was by far my favourite part of the day. Holy Spirit was so totally right there with us. Our prayers were answered.

We worshiped together, and prayed together.

We washed each other’s feet and as I sat there in that chair, I saw Jesus so clearly in the man who was becoming my husband. And again I felt so undeserving of this service.

There was much laughter and many tears at the reception as we heard stories from parents and friends while we ate pulled pork, baked beans and cake.

But while I danced with my dad and then with my new husband, it was like there was no one there at all.

We danced the night away and then shared more beautiful talks around the fire. And finally, as the fireworks began, I knew that the best day ever had almost come to a close.

But to think that this day was only the beginning of this crazy adventure of life that we now get to do together.


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