San Juan Week 2 | Now Here We Are 

Now here we are.

In Guatemala.

It feels already like we’ve been here forever but it’s only been a couple weeks. And this semester already feels so much different than last semester.

Instead of living all together all the time, we have the incredible opportunity to be living individually with host families in the village we’re in just outside of Antigua, Guatemala: San Juan del Obispo.

While here in these families we have the chance to study Spanish during the week and then bring what we’ve learnt back to our houses to apply right away. It’s been the craziest learning experience so far; being forced to learn a language so quickly but what a good way to do so.

It’s been quite the experience mentally and spiritually also.

My brain doesn’t seem to stop running. Even when I’m trying to sleep my head is spinning and filled with Spanish words that I’m not even sure the meaning of. I’m not too sure I’ve ever felt so mentally drained before in my lifetime.

It’s also been quite a humbling experience and also one requiring a lot of patience and a lot of grace for myself.

“Grace and peace to you,” says the apostle Paul so often in his letters in the New Testament.

And you can’t have peace without grace first.

I really don’t like small talk. And I can see the glistening mountain peeks in the distance where I’m talking religion and politics with people but I know that I can’t take shortcuts to get there. I need to be patient and to also let Jesus lead me along the best path to get there.

The safest place is by my side. 

So that’s where I’ll stay. Because I know that anything I do without Him is useless. And I need Him more than ever now.

So here we go.


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