Canoe Trip | The Concept of Time

Time. It’s a funny thing isn’t it? Have you ever thought of the phrase “time consuming”? How our society is always moving, and always trying to figure out how to make things faster and easier so we don’t have to consume our precious time with useless things? But then again, have you ever thought that time can consume us

Canoe tripping is something that I think everyone needs to experience. Especially without a watch (or electronics of any sort actually). It’s an experience like no other; paddling for hours every day, eating over the fire and sleeping under the stars. 

It’s also quite the ice breaker for a group of 20 people spending the year together at a discipleship school. Which is right where I’m at. 

(Find out more about it here.)

Without even knowing what our year was going to hold, we got split up into groups of 10 and left Manitoba Pioneer Camp to adventure out onto Shoal Lake in Ontario for a 4 day canoe trip. 

We paddled through wind, waves and sun, and slept through thunder, lightening and rain. 

But without ever once knowing the time. 

We got up when it was light out, fell asleep when we were tired and ate when we were hungry. We were forced to live in the moment. And to my surprise, no one complained about it at all. 

So much beauty came from this. So much bonding and so much freedom. Freedom to just be. Out in God’s creation without a care in the world. Time could not consume us when it didn’t even seem to be there at all.

And the best part of it was that we were all in the same boat (but not literally, that would be a very full canoe). 

We all hadn’t showered in days, we all were wearing the same clothes we’d worn the day before and we all were being stretched to push on together

We were learning how to work as a team, learning how to live together (despite our lack of personal hygiene), and learning how to love each other from the inside, out. 

God gave me so much love and patience for everyone around me. He helped me so much to just be all in. And despite my emotions of missing home, the peace I had was incredible. 

God doesn’t need time; but we do. It’s a gift. And if He’s so worthy of everything we have, then why aren’t we asking ourselves more often what we’re spending our time doing? 

Is it consuming us? Or are we using it for good? 

“You are supposed to be here,” God told me. “I Am with you. I Am all you need. Now here we go.”


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